Chiquita and Camille- Mother Daughter collection at Historic Downtown Norcross

This is Chiquita and her daughter Camille.  For this shoot, we decided to meet at Historic Downtown Norcross. Which is an absolutely beautiful spot to capture this bond between mother and daughter.

From their beautiful natural hair to the way they coordinated their attire for the shoot …they were ready!  I had captured several shots before I got to one particular moment between the two, I can honestly say it caught me off guard; as I got ready to take the shot, I became teary eyed.  It was at that very moment I saw… A Mother’s Love.  It was something about Chiquita’s eyes and the way she touched her daughter Camille’s hands. A moment I will forever cherish.

I am so grateful Chiquita and Camille didn’t wait until Mothers Day or any other holiday for me to capture this moment.

A collection for the next generation!

Here are my favorites from the Morning.



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