Things to consider for your family Photo shoot!


Happy Holidays Everyone!!

This time of the year is when we do a lot of visiting with family, some we haven’t seen in a long time,  Kids coming home from college, Grandparents coming to visit or if you’re like me, you get engaged on Christmas Eve (I was one very happy lady)!  So, if you’ve planned ahead, you’ve already got your Photo shoot scheduled…Right?!

So these are my tips for a comfortable and fun photo shoot!

Comfort Clothing Options

1. Wear what you feel good in, something that shows your personality, something you’ve tried!

2. Try to stay away from busy patterns and traditional white shirts…Too many patterns can become a distraction

3. Be original

4. Allow teens to bring their own style to the shoot(you’ll always get a happy Teen if you do)

And remember, Your attire will need to compliment that special room you’ve been wanting to decorate!


1. Always make sure you’ve had plenty of rest before your session.

2. Have those special toys, blankets or favorite snacks for the little ones

3. Pick a location that fits your family



Most Photographers are open to suggestions , but don’t feel you need to come up with ideas for the whole session. That’s what your Photographer’s  for!

1. Hold hands, embrace the moment

2. Play and interact with each other

3. Play/Sing your favorite family song

Family portraits tell the story of your family, your style, personalities and your love for each other. If you’re gonna do it…Be ready to embrace it!

And again, HAVE FUN!


If you want more ideas for your  family session,head over to my pinterest board:







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