DIY Pillows!

Since Christmas is right around the corner I decided to finally do a post on my wonderful DIY floor pillows.  They are wonderful for the kids .

Because in my home we are a very layed back and chill family, these pillows are for when we are downstairs enjoying a nice movie as a family or we’ve decided to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But these pillows can even be used in homes that are all about their family décor (no characters) 🙂  and also for those outside family camping nights. DSC_8249


Olivia loves her Pillow


I recently made a pillow for my beautiful niece for her birthday…and she loves it!!!



I made sure to put a zipper on them because I just couldn’t imagine not being able to wash them.

DSC_8245 DSC_8263


I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful DIY of my floor pillows, there not just for kids but for every family member and they are Extremely comfortable.

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