Closet clean out!

Staying on top of my girls closet clean out can be a little of a job for me, that is until I found #kidsignment.  Twice a year kidsignment is open for people who want to sale slightly kid used clothes toys, furniture, maternity and many other kid things.

I usually give a lot of their things away, but sometimes I go this route.  This is my 3rd time participating, and I love it.  Having two girls who have a tendency to get a lot, all the time, makes it seem like I have to clean out All the time. What I have realized about myself when it comes to my children’s things, is I’m more attached to their things then they are lol.

If you’re looking to clean out your child/children’s closet, this is defiantly the place to start. You’ll clean out the closet and even put a couple of dollars in your pocket.  Not only can you sale you can also get a jump start on being a buyer.




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