Finding the Reading time.

I’ll just say before mommy duties became apart of my life, I was able to fit reading in my life more then now.

Since the girls, I probably pick up a book for Myself and complete it maybe twice a year.  I just haven’t had the time to complete a book, and I’m not that person who wants to read from a tablet… I want the old school in my hand turn the pages book!

My husband and I are always on our oldest daughter about reading, It’s a priority!  I’m always trying to find ways to get her excited about reading.  Something that would pull her in and get her attention. Don’t get me wrong…she reads, she’s just not excited about it! lol

Well, after reading the story about Marley Promotes # 1000blackbooks I came up with an idea.  A reading competition! I looked on grassroots Instagram page (associated with Marley Promotes) and found 2 books I wanted us to start with.

  1. President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sheri Winston
  2. One Crazy Summer by Williams-Garcia I did purchase the sequel to this book (P.S. be Eleven)

The first person to finish both books, wins!

The Rules:

Finish the books, Read whenever you want…just make sure you read often because it’s a competition!

So far this competition is working, we talk about the books that we’re reading and we are constantly asking “what page are you on”? To the point I’ve even had a sticky note left on my to do board.



Yes, I’m losing! 😦  But I did complete the first book first! We’re on the second book and now my busy season has started. But mommy likes to compete also, so she better be ready!

What I love about this competition is we have our own little book club. We talk about our likes and dislikes of the books. Who our favorite characters are and why.  I’m learning what interest her when it comes to reading.  She’s growing up and I want to always have a mother daughter relationship that is open, and for me…this is just a way to keep us connected.  It’s our newest beginning that has no ending!

Some of the books were are reading outside of our competition

Destiny Daily Readings by T.D. Jakes, The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste





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