Being Grateful!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news and give you all the opportunity to learn more about me and why I became a Photographer.

I was recently given the opportunity to share my story with as one of ATL’s most inspiring stories .  I am truly grateful that I can share this with you all. Some of you might even see a familiar face or two.

Please take some time to read the article at if you have problems with the link you can also find it at Inspiring Stories section at the top of the homepage as part of the Norcross collection.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share but most importantly, being apart of my journey…



Being silent has never solved anything, but sometimes we just can’t find the words to express how we feel.  At least that’s been the case for me for the past several days.  I sat Tuesday morning watching CNN  seeing a young Black Child mourn the Murder of his father and I couldn’t control the tears that rolled down my face.  I wasn’t concerned about #Altonsterlings  past(but yet some where), all I knew was at that very moment his life was gone and his Child wanted his Black father back.

But isn’t that how we all/should feel?

On Wednesday 7/6/16, a Black man #philandocastile murdered…

On Thursday 7/7/16, 5 Police Officers murdered…

Listen, If it didn’t hit home or you didn’t feel any form of hurt or sadness when you watched or read about the murders of #Altonsterling or #Philandocastile, but you felt the need to cry out, post, or be angry for the police that were murdered…then yes, YOU ARE APART OF THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE SOLUTION.

I can not and will not mourn the loss of 5 because of their Title without mourning the loss of two because of theirs.  My heart will Not let me function that way.  I have Strong Black men in my life and I have Strong Black Police Officers in my life…so why would I love and care for one more then the other?

I want to make it very clear that what I watched and read on Tuesday and Wednesday, these two Black Men were Murdered.   And I do Not condone the murders of the police officers or those that were injured.  For this, is Not the answer.

I believe in:

Peace and Not Violence.

Love and Not Hate.

Respect for all and Not Disrespect to Anyone.

Yes, #blacklivesmatter…shouldn’t it?

Silence never solves anything…and yet, I still feel this post isn’t enough.







Strawberry Picking with Olivia

With school getting ready to close for the summer I’ve been looking for different things to do with the girls, things they’ve never done.  Laila went Strawberry picking with Darrell years ago, so I thought it was time to take Olivia on her first Strawberry adventure!

I decided to take her to Washington Farms  because it was close to home.  They have two locations,  Watkinsville  which carries blueberries and blackberries  (summer season) and also Pumpkins (fall season). We went to the Loganville location and they only carry Strawberries.

Olivia had a really great adventure, she talked the whole time! This was also a really good learning experience with her colors…Red all over means it’s ready! If it’s green you have to leave it so that it can continue to grow.  After picking, she had a nice cup of their Strawberry Ice Cream!

The strawberries were very good and we even made a nice dessert over the weekend that I found on here via Pinterest.  It’s a No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake, and it was delicious!

Hope you all enjoy our little adventure, what’s your family adventures for the summer?



My Destiny Daily Reading

This morning I decided to take my daily reading to the front yard, it’s just a beautiful morning to read and reflect.

I was able to get three chapters in this morning.  My first was…It’s not how I start.


The second was…Sow and Reap


My third…Be Ready


Know matter what I read from this book I either gain knowledge or I read something that helps me through a situation. So, what I know for sure, it’s not how I start but how I finish.
I will continue to not limit myself to learn or look for information outside my comfort zone.
What I learned is to keep my eyes open so I’ll know when it’s time to move and when it’s my time to sow.  Learning to balance when to give and when to take. My gift is worth something, and I must set that price.


Seeing, You!

This morning I opened my Daily Reading book to a page I had already read and left a smiley face underneath it.Destiny Daily Readings


I began to think of my weekend and how it touched my heart, not because of something I was going through but because it allowed me to witness someone recognizing their self.  We all have had moments where we didn’t recognize ourselves because of or life’s situations.

Being able to finally see yourself through all the storms you’ve gone through, to know you were never alone… that the purpose for your life is bigger than you could’ve ever imagined.  That very moment deserves a cry, a smile, and a Thank you Jesus!

My Daily Reading doesn’t consist of chapter after chapter, It gives me what I need when I need it.

I hope you are seeing You today!


Finding the Reading time.

I’ll just say before mommy duties became apart of my life, I was able to fit reading in my life more then now.

Since the girls, I probably pick up a book for Myself and complete it maybe twice a year.  I just haven’t had the time to complete a book, and I’m not that person who wants to read from a tablet… I want the old school in my hand turn the pages book!

My husband and I are always on our oldest daughter about reading, It’s a priority!  I’m always trying to find ways to get her excited about reading.  Something that would pull her in and get her attention. Don’t get me wrong…she reads, she’s just not excited about it! lol

Well, after reading the story about Marley Promotes # 1000blackbooks I came up with an idea.  A reading competition! I looked on grassroots Instagram page (associated with Marley Promotes) and found 2 books I wanted us to start with.

  1. President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sheri Winston
  2. One Crazy Summer by Williams-Garcia I did purchase the sequel to this book (P.S. be Eleven)

The first person to finish both books, wins!

The Rules:

Finish the books, Read whenever you want…just make sure you read often because it’s a competition!

So far this competition is working, we talk about the books that we’re reading and we are constantly asking “what page are you on”? To the point I’ve even had a sticky note left on my to do board.



Yes, I’m losing! 😦  But I did complete the first book first! We’re on the second book and now my busy season has started. But mommy likes to compete also, so she better be ready!

What I love about this competition is we have our own little book club. We talk about our likes and dislikes of the books. Who our favorite characters are and why.  I’m learning what interest her when it comes to reading.  She’s growing up and I want to always have a mother daughter relationship that is open, and for me…this is just a way to keep us connected.  It’s our newest beginning that has no ending!

Some of the books were are reading outside of our competition

Destiny Daily Readings by T.D. Jakes, The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste





Long Lost Family

Sometimes I find myself being completely taken by a television show that totally touches my heart.

Last night I had one of those moments while watching the show Long Lost Family.  I sat there listening to the stories of two families, with two totally different stories.   I thought about how they must’ve felt growing up knowing they were adopted but not knowing their biological parents.  I listened to their stories and thought…wow, what amazing people to finally be able to have closure and say ok I understand why… and I thank you for loving me enough to allow me to have an Amazing life.

I know there are many adoption stories and not all of them have a happy ending.  But these two stories touched my heart and allowed me to reflect on being a mother, mommy, mom.   To see and feel how truly blessed I am to have children who love, who forgive and have such free spirits. I consider myself to be Extremely, BLESSED!




Closet clean out Part 2

So I finally finished gathering, hanging and tagging the girls clothes and shoes for the Kidsignments sale!

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jeri the wonderful lady who runs this event when I dropped off my items on Friday.  She is so sweet, she allowed me to take several pictures while I was there.  I wanted to give you all an idea of how big this event is, I choose to drop of on Friday which was the first day so what I captured isn’t even close to what the warehouse will look like come Tuesday the 16th when the doors are opened to the public.

The Event will be held on 2/16-2/20 from 9am -7pm, on the 18th and 19th items are 25% off (tags that are not marked NR only), then on the 20th it’s 50% off items(tags that are not marked NR only).

Keep in mind that  on Tuesday the 16th they ask that No children, infants, carriers, or strollers until after 2pm.  If you would like more information visit

Have a look at the images…but just know that there’s over 1,500 families that sale at this event, and I only captured day one of drop off.



Closet clean out!

Staying on top of my girls closet clean out can be a little of a job for me, that is until I found #kidsignment.  Twice a year kidsignment is open for people who want to sale slightly kid used clothes toys, furniture, maternity and many other kid things.

I usually give a lot of their things away, but sometimes I go this route.  This is my 3rd time participating, and I love it.  Having two girls who have a tendency to get a lot, all the time, makes it seem like I have to clean out All the time. What I have realized about myself when it comes to my children’s things, is I’m more attached to their things then they are lol.

If you’re looking to clean out your child/children’s closet, this is defiantly the place to start. You’ll clean out the closet and even put a couple of dollars in your pocket.  Not only can you sale you can also get a jump start on being a buyer.




Meet My Family

Family portraits can be done in so many forms, you may want a classy, traditional or something fun and crazy.  Whichever you choose make sure they represent your family for who you all are.  Though I shot our family portraits during the holidays, I knew I wanted them to be displayed throughout our home.  So, I wanted our attire to reflect those colors.

The funny part about my family is only half of us likes taking pictures, so we don’t do them often.  I told Laila how well she did posing, she said “I knew if I didn’t do it right the first time, you would tell me to do it again.”    She knows mommy so well! That was her way of saying…hurry up.

I have one laid back daughter and one who loves life by expressing herself…a lot lol. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell them apart. They are total opposites, which makes my husband and I laugh a lot and grateful everyday for each of them. We’ve been married 15yrs and to see each of us in them is a blessing.

Here’s my family, Darrell, Tracy, Laila and Olivia Gober!  Enjoy