Before and After’s

So I’ve been wanting to do some before and after’s for a while.  Mainly because I never show them, but I really wanted to let you all see the process.  So when I was asked to test out the sleeklens Photoshop actions ,  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Now, I’ve always been hesitant of using some of the Photoshop portrait actions that are out there, mainly because when I see the examples…they are usually not of African American’s.

If I use actions, it’s because it takes a lot of time off of my post processing and I can have a better turnaround for my clients.  I’m not looking to spend  45mins on one image because I have to make adjustments to a Photoshop action.

But with all that being said, I picked five portraits and used the sleeklens Photoshop actions.  With these actions, it was pretty easy to use.  I like the Portrait Retouch and the Dodge and Burn(from a candy store)…A lot, These two actions made enhancing the eye color process very easy and fast and also softening the skin worked great also.  I also liked using the Color Corrections, you can reduce some of the over barring colors that are in the images which the greens and reds work perfect!

Over all, I would recommend using Sleeklens, it does take some time figuring out what works best for your workflow and your style, but that’s with any post processing method you choose.

With this portrait I chose to use the portrait fast retouch for the eyes, I also used the base from golden hours.


The next four were a combination of Portrait smooth skin, Color correction and Base.






My DIY project is finally complete!

I’ve been saying for a while now that I wanted to re-upholster Laila’s old chair for Olivia, and finally I’ve completed it.  Laila was around 2 when we purchased it, so it defiantly time for a new face for this chair.

My latest diy
My latest DIY

I had recently re-upholstered my dinning room chairs and thought doing this chair would be a breeze…NOT

My dinning room chairs
My dinning room chairs

This little chair had so many nails in it, I wanted to scream. It took me three days to finish this chair.  I found myself texting my cousins venting(using every cuss word in the book) about the chair, it really got the best of me. What I also realized was how cheap this chair was, it had not much padding to it nor quality wood. For the money we spend on these chairs you would expect it to be better made.

before after2

Before After3

I’m sure I’ll tackle another re-upholster around the house, it just won’t be any time soon. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!