Make it Happen!

So often we pass up opportunities to leave the next generation a portrait of knowing or wanting to know who we are.

How often have you heard family members say you resemble someone in the family that you’ve never seen?  Maybe it’s your eyes, nose or that little dimple you have on your chin. But the only problem is, there’s no picture…so you’ll continue to hear the stories and never see an image.

Here’s a few suggestions to help you get that photo shoot checked off your to do list this year.

-With New Year resolutions in full effect, reward yourself with a photo shoot when you reach a particular goal.

-Book a session for when you know family members will be in town for Family Reunions, Mothers Day, Easter or any other holiday.

-If your on a tight budget, check out Living Social or Groupon…some of my favorite clients are those who purchased from these two companies.

-If you’re not sure what photography company to use…CHOOSE ME! 😉 Or ask close friends, family or coworkers for recommendations.

Whatever your reasons, let 2015 be the year to make it happen.

I’ll leave you with this quote from a recent client:

“Mom you should take a picture by yourself, if something happens to you at least we’ll have a recent picture to use”.

A look back at 2014


2014 was an Amazing year! Having the opportunity to meet such wonderful people that have really touched my heart.

From Birth Announcements, family gatherings, Weddings to stylist showing off their creative skills…2014 was Great!

I thank each of them for being apart of my journey and allowing me to be apart of their families memories.  I’m not able to post all of them, but here’s a look back at 2014!new16new1 new2 new3 new4 new5 new6DSC_0052new DSC_0095 (2)new parksnewblog new7 new8 new9 new10new11new15new14new13new12

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A moment of giving back!

What an amazing opportunity this project was. Capturing moments of people working together, for a Great cause!  This team building project was held by The Spa at Evergreen, located in Stone Mountain Park at the Evergreen Marriot Resort. The team consisted of some of Coca Cola’s finest Employees.

Working together as a team brings such happiness to so many and I’m sure it put smiles on the faces of the kids at the Big Brothers and Big Sister program and the Atlanta Children’s Shelter here in Atlanta, GA. This Coca Cola team Rocks!

Thanking The Spa at Evergreen for this fantastic Opportunity!

Here are some of my Favorites from the event!

School Supplies, Build A Bears and Bikes


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