My Destiny Daily Reading

This morning I decided to take my daily reading to the front yard, it’s just a beautiful morning to read and reflect.

I was able to get three chapters in this morning.  My first was…It’s not how I start.


The second was…Sow and Reap


My third…Be Ready


Know matter what I read from this book I either gain knowledge or I read something that helps me through a situation. So, what I know for sure, it’s not how I start but how I finish.
I will continue to not limit myself to learn or look for information outside my comfort zone.
What I learned is to keep my eyes open so I’ll know when it’s time to move and when it’s my time to sow.  Learning to balance when to give and when to take. My gift is worth something, and I must set that price.


Seeing, You!

This morning I opened my Daily Reading book to a page I had already read and left a smiley face underneath it.Destiny Daily Readings


I began to think of my weekend and how it touched my heart, not because of something I was going through but because it allowed me to witness someone recognizing their self.  We all have had moments where we didn’t recognize ourselves because of or life’s situations.

Being able to finally see yourself through all the storms you’ve gone through, to know you were never alone… that the purpose for your life is bigger than you could’ve ever imagined.  That very moment deserves a cry, a smile, and a Thank you Jesus!

My Daily Reading doesn’t consist of chapter after chapter, It gives me what I need when I need it.

I hope you are seeing You today!