Holiday Mini: The Ellis Family

So happy for the opportunity to capture this wonderful, beautiful family.  The Ellis family came to me by way of a friend posting images from their photoshoot with me… and to my surprise I knew this family once we met at the location.  small world and a very grateful woman I am.

Thank you Ellis family for allowing me to capture these beautiful memories!

Levy Holiday Family Portraits

It was such a pleasure capturing the wonderful Levy family again.  I’m just amazed at how much Olivia and Lexi have grown, and such beautiful Little girls.  The morning weather was wonderful and we actually got out there before Georgia’s unusual Fall weather of 86 degrees.

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful moments that were captured of this beautiful Family!


Introducing Baby Penelope

She’s the first child, first niece, and the first grandchild…so you’ll understand the love and all the beautiful moments in these portraits.

I pray when she’s old enough and sees these images, she see’s Love that’s always been around her.

Family Love!



Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day.

As a mother, I appreciate being a mom Everyday…even when they can’t seem to get along ( Hi Laila…she reads my blog).  :).

Being a mom is what I wanted, and  everyday I learn what it means to be more understanding, more  patient and yes, even a more Loving mom. But today I thought about how there are some women who never really  saw being a mom as one of their titles.  But because of circumstances they’ve taken on that mother role anyway.

What do I mean by circumstances? We have lived in a world for many years where there are #Aunties, #Godparents, #Foster parents, #Social Workers and others that have taken on the role of a mother.   Regardless of the situation,  they decided to Love, protect, and care for  a child or children because they Care.

So I would just like to say Happy Mothers Day and thank you to them  also, for if it had not been for them, some of us Mothers wouldn’t be the most fantastic mothers out there today.

I hope you all enjoy today as much as I will!

One more special 1st Mothers day To My God Daughter Penelope’s Mom, I love you Leslie!


Seeing, You!

This morning I opened my Daily Reading book to a page I had already read and left a smiley face underneath it.Destiny Daily Readings


I began to think of my weekend and how it touched my heart, not because of something I was going through but because it allowed me to witness someone recognizing their self.  We all have had moments where we didn’t recognize ourselves because of or life’s situations.

Being able to finally see yourself through all the storms you’ve gone through, to know you were never alone… that the purpose for your life is bigger than you could’ve ever imagined.  That very moment deserves a cry, a smile, and a Thank you Jesus!

My Daily Reading doesn’t consist of chapter after chapter, It gives me what I need when I need it.

I hope you are seeing You today!


Long Lost Family

Sometimes I find myself being completely taken by a television show that totally touches my heart.

Last night I had one of those moments while watching the show Long Lost Family.  I sat there listening to the stories of two families, with two totally different stories.   I thought about how they must’ve felt growing up knowing they were adopted but not knowing their biological parents.  I listened to their stories and thought…wow, what amazing people to finally be able to have closure and say ok I understand why… and I thank you for loving me enough to allow me to have an Amazing life.

I know there are many adoption stories and not all of them have a happy ending.  But these two stories touched my heart and allowed me to reflect on being a mother, mommy, mom.   To see and feel how truly blessed I am to have children who love, who forgive and have such free spirits. I consider myself to be Extremely, BLESSED!




Emoji is in the building!

My oldest and I worked on a nice quick DIY project on Monday.
We made her very own face changeable wall Emoji! This was a great idea, it was quick and very inexpensive. She loves emoji’s and it was a great #motherdaughtertime for us.
What you’ll need to make your Wall Emoji come to life.

1. 2yards of Yellow fleece fabric $2.40 per yard from JoAnn Fabric.
2. Hulla hoop, this was the size we wanted for our Emoji.
3. Printable cut outs. We got our print outs on line
4. Felt fabric squares. Hobby Lobby 4 for a $1 plus the 40% off coupon.
5. Velcro I didn’t want to nail it to the wall. This way she can move it around.

Total cost: 9bucks!

If you decide to make your own, please share your Emoji with me I’d love to see it!

The love I have for 2015

There have been moments that I’ve found myself smiling, laughing and even shedding a couple of tears this year… not from sadness, but because I’ve been able to witness Love in so many ways from my clients.

We all express love in different ways, it may be a look, a touch, or even our words but how ever we choose to show it…it’s Love.  Accept it, appreciate it and embrace it.

My love for 2015, is because of the many loving beautiful people who let me into their lives to see how they love. Thank you all for being in the moment, for being comfortable enough that you could display your love in the presence of me and baby Jean(my camera). Your smiles and love will forever be apart of my heart.

Please, click and enjoy some of the love I’ve had the pleasure of capturing in 2015!









Family Love

Capturing big families are always fun for me.  I love seeing how they all come together during the holiday season showing love and appreciation for each other.

Take a look at this beautiful family.