Happy Holidays: Marshall Family

With the new addition to the Marshall family Mom was ready for some updated portraits and what a wonderful shoot it was.  If Mom and dad look a little familiar it might be because they were with me back in March doing their maternity shoot waiting the arrival of Devyn! This was a beautiful shoot and a great time to capture their family portraits!

Thank you so much Marshall family wishing you all a very Happy Holidays!



PIPP_logos_variations_for lasting memories

Meet My Family

Family portraits can be done in so many forms, you may want a classy, traditional or something fun and crazy.  Whichever you choose make sure they represent your family for who you all are.  Though I shot our family portraits during the holidays, I knew I wanted them to be displayed throughout our home.  So, I wanted our attire to reflect those colors.

The funny part about my family is only half of us likes taking pictures, so we don’t do them often.  I told Laila how well she did posing, she said “I knew if I didn’t do it right the first time, you would tell me to do it again.”    She knows mommy so well! That was her way of saying…hurry up.

I have one laid back daughter and one who loves life by expressing herself…a lot lol. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell them apart. They are total opposites, which makes my husband and I laugh a lot and grateful everyday for each of them. We’ve been married 15yrs and to see each of us in them is a blessing.

Here’s my family, Darrell, Tracy, Laila and Olivia Gober!  Enjoy

DIY Pillows!

Since Christmas is right around the corner I decided to finally do a post on my wonderful DIY floor pillows.  They are wonderful for the kids .

Because in my home we are a very layed back and chill family, these pillows are for when we are downstairs enjoying a nice movie as a family or we’ve decided to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But these pillows can even be used in homes that are all about their family décor (no characters) 🙂  and also for those outside family camping nights. DSC_8249


Olivia loves her Pillow


I recently made a pillow for my beautiful niece for her birthday…and she loves it!!!



I made sure to put a zipper on them because I just couldn’t imagine not being able to wash them.

DSC_8245 DSC_8263


I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful DIY of my floor pillows, there not just for kids but for every family member and they are Extremely comfortable.

Family Portraits!

Meet the Levy Family!

With a new addition to the family, Fathers day approaching and grandparents coming in town, it was the perfect time to have a family portrait!

Sending a Goldstar to this Beautiful Family for planning and allowing me to capture this beautiful moment, You all were


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