Brooklynn at UGA

I met Brooklynn in 2013, while capturing her and her bestie for High School portraits.  Now this beauty is Graduating from #UGA with a degree in Education!!!  How very exciting this moment is for her and her wonderful family.

Being accepted to a University such as UGA straight out of High School and now graduating, are not a small Accomplishments.  As with every college graduate You deserve to be celebrated.  So, I celebrate your accomplishments and pray that the career path your on leads you to moments of pride, change, and self fulfillment.

Thank you for wanting to give back by educating the children that are our future!

I hope you all enjoying, especially the moment shared between Brooklynn and her mom with Dr. Seuss. I think the title is perfect for this moment!


DIY Pillows!

Since Christmas is right around the corner I decided to finally do a post on my wonderful DIY floor pillows.  They are wonderful for the kids .

Because in my home we are a very layed back and chill family, these pillows are for when we are downstairs enjoying a nice movie as a family or we’ve decided to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But these pillows can even be used in homes that are all about their family décor (no characters) 🙂  and also for those outside family camping nights. DSC_8249


Olivia loves her Pillow


I recently made a pillow for my beautiful niece for her birthday…and she loves it!!!



I made sure to put a zipper on them because I just couldn’t imagine not being able to wash them.

DSC_8245 DSC_8263


I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful DIY of my floor pillows, there not just for kids but for every family member and they are Extremely comfortable.