Finding peace when traditions change.

I hope everyone had the opportunity to really and truly enjoy and embrace the holidays.

As I was looking over several of my sessions from 2015, There was one in particular that stood out to me. Though it was a traditional family portrait, mom and dads hands immediately caught my eye.  When the children are gone, they will still have each other.  It’s a relationship that is built before the children and the tradition.

A family of love! Mom and Dad holding hands, I had to pause for a moment to let them know I appreciate it. It’s the little things.

I thought, as parents do we really prepare our selves for change when our children grow up and leave home? Those traditions that we are use to during the holidays, will they stay the same? When our children become husbands, wives, mothers or fathers…will they leave their home town and establish their children’s home town?

Every year since my oldest daughter was five we’ve gone to my cousins house on Christmas Eve, we play games, crack jokes, my daughter builds a gingerbread house with her older cousin, we laugh and have an absolutely wonderful time.

Well in 2015, the tradition changed and I had to really come to terms that my younger cousins lives were now changing. So that meant a change for my family during this time of the year also. And though this change in tradition is sad and kind of hard to adjust to, not only for me but my oldest daughter.  I had to quickly adjust and be ok with this change because there were so many positive and exciting things that were coming from this change.

  1. go every other year instead of every year
  2. maybe start the celebration earlier
  3. let those who can’t make it know you understand and you still love them. (it’s hard for them to make the change also)

Even with the changes, the #gingerbread house was still completed by my daughter and cousin(with the help of eating the candy from the little one). Sometimes it’s not about when the house is built, it’s about the relationship that’s being built while building the gingerbread house!

If we hold on to the tradition instead of the memories that have come from the tradition…then we miss out on all the beautiful memories that are to come from the changes.

How will You Adjust to change in your Traditions?

Asthma Sucks!

Growing up I always knew my oldest sister and my Aunt had asthma. Later I learned my Grandmother had it really bad when she was younger. My mother was diagnosed as she got older.
So this is definitely something that will always be apart of our family medical records.

Fast forwarding many years later,  both of my daughters have asthma…along with Olivia being allergic to cashews and having eczema.

Laila & Olivia


Our oldest daughter Laila was diagnosed with Asthma around the age of 5, after many trips to the ER and her pediatrician due to congestion and a whole lot of night coughing.  After a scar with an allergic reaction to cashews at the beginning of the year, the doctor informed us that Olivia has Asthma also.

This past Thursday morning at 4am I found myself in the Emergency room with our little Liv.


This was our first experience with a asthma attack. I tried giving her the inhaler before I made the drive to the ER, but that didn’t seem to help.

We made it to the ER and they immediately took her in and started with the treatments.  They started with a 5min albuterol nebulizer treatment, after that they gave her Motrin (for the fever) and a steroid(to relieve the swelling). Her Oxygen level stayed between 82-83 for several hours (oxygen levels should be over 90) they informed us if her levels didn’t increase they would put her on oxygen.

Olivia’s levels started to increase but they still needed her breathing to get better,

so this time they put her on the continuous nebulizer(she would be on it for at least 45mins).


Things were starting to look better and she was finally able to go home after being there for about 6hours.
We’re still not sure what triggered the attack but will hopefully get some ideas once she visits her asthma doctor.

This was definitely a scary moment for us, and we’re grateful everything worked out for our Liv.

I wanted to post this because it really affected our family in a major way. I also wanted parents who’ve never experienced it to know what to look for and what to expect.

Things to look for if you think your child is having a Asthma Attack:

·Rapid or irregular breathing (check your child’s throat and stomach. These two areas will play a big part of you getting to the ER)
·Restless sleep
·Tightness in the chest
·Dry or wet cough (Olivia had a wet cough which made them think it could have been pneumonia…most asthma coughs are dry)

I really hope this helps someone. Feel free to leave comments and if you’ve experienced it with your child I would love to hear your story.