Mr. & Mrs. Jones + One!!

Whitney and Emmanuel are such a beautiful and loving couple whos baby girl will be arriving shortly!  It was my pleasure to capture this joyous moment for them.  Not only did Whitney agree to wear one of my Lace Maternity Gowns, she gave me the opportunity to shoot my first Maternity Milk Bath.  Thank You!

With further ado, please take the time to view these amazing Maternity images of Whitney & Emmanuel!

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A special Thank you to the Beautiful Mom-to-be.  I met her via a client who hired me to take pictures of her staged home which Whitney designed for her.  Whitney is an Interior Designer here in the Atlanta area.  Interiorsbywhitneyj   Please check her out for all your Designer needs.



It’s Baby #1 for Vaughn & Kim!

Oh the joys of expecting your first child plus…not finding out what your having until the arrival! There are some who choose to know what their having ahead of time and some who just want to have that moment of surprise.  Vaughn and Kim are among the parents who wants that surprise!

It was a absolute joy talking with Vaughn and Kim to discuss what route they were interested in taking for their maternity shoot.  Even a more joy when we met for the shoot, they are both just so easy going and the sweetest couple, I knew this would be a wonderful shoot and they both were such naturals in front of the camera. Thank you so much Vaughn & Kim for choosing me to apart of such an amazing moment in your lives.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful shoot as much as I did!


Before and After’s

So I’ve been wanting to do some before and after’s for a while.  Mainly because I never show them, but I really wanted to let you all see the process.  So when I was asked to test out the sleeklens Photoshop actions ,  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Now, I’ve always been hesitant of using some of the Photoshop portrait actions that are out there, mainly because when I see the examples…they are usually not of African American’s.

If I use actions, it’s because it takes a lot of time off of my post processing and I can have a better turnaround for my clients.  I’m not looking to spend  45mins on one image because I have to make adjustments to a Photoshop action.

But with all that being said, I picked five portraits and used the sleeklens Photoshop actions.  With these actions, it was pretty easy to use.  I like the Portrait Retouch and the Dodge and Burn(from a candy store)…A lot, These two actions made enhancing the eye color process very easy and fast and also softening the skin worked great also.  I also liked using the Color Corrections, you can reduce some of the over barring colors that are in the images which the greens and reds work perfect!

Over all, I would recommend using Sleeklens, it does take some time figuring out what works best for your workflow and your style, but that’s with any post processing method you choose.

With this portrait I chose to use the portrait fast retouch for the eyes, I also used the base from golden hours.


The next four were a combination of Portrait smooth skin, Color correction and Base.






Maternity Session: Baby Girl on the way!

Karee and Devon are expecting their fourth daughter in April!! But this means Dad is still the only male in the house! #girlpower

Karee located me by way of #Instagram and had been following me for a while, this would be their first maternity shoot and first non studio setting! So I am truly grateful I was able to give them this first time experience and to share with you all this Amazing Maternity shoot!

Thank you Karee and Devon for allowing me to capture this new chapter in your family’s life…The countdown begins!



Maternity: The Wait for Skyelyn

A Beautiful family at an amazing Atlanta Location is all you need to showoff a beautiful baby bump.  The weather was great and the wonderful fall colors brought the best backdrop to this shoot.

I couldn’t be more happier with how this shoot went, Chay and the family are wonderful people who are all excited about the Arrival of Skyelyn.

Did I mention how Gorgeous Chay is? She is wearing this pregnancy very well!

I’m sure Skyelyn will feel like thee luckiest girl in the world knowing she has these strong wonderful men who will forever protect her…not to mention her soon to be best buddy (Cody)

I hope you all enjoy all the wonderful moments from their shoot as much as I did.


Vines Garden Park in Loganville: Alvin and Jasmine

Vines Botanical Garden Park is a beautiful, nice and peaceful location, and it was the perfect location for this Maternity shoot.

I’m so excited for this wonderful couple, it was a joy to capture them embracing Jasmine’s beautiful #babybump.

The meaning of the name Jayce is “the Lord is my salvation”

Baby Jayce
Baby Jayce

Jasmine & Alvin

Jayce is going to be loved by so many family members, for he will be the first grandchild on both sides.

Baby Jayce
Baby Jayce
Baby Jayce
Baby Jayce

Jasmine & Alvin Jasmine & Alvin Jasmine & Alvin Jasmine & Alvin Jasmine & Alvin

Jasmine & Alvin

Thank you Alvin & Jasmine for the opportunity to capture such an amazing moment in your lives, I’m forever grateful.

May your journey in parenthood be nothing but blessings!

Tips to prepare you for your Maternity Shoot!

Preparing for your Maternity Photo Shoot can be a little intimidating…especially if it’s your first child. I’m sure you’ve seen thousands of Maternity images on the internet or if you’re a Pinterestholic, you’ve probably got a board all set up of how you want your shoot to look.

I’ve come up with some tips to get you ready for your photo shoot!

-Get plenty of rest the night before, relax and take it easy.

The last thing a mom wants is to get to her session and feel tired and uncomfortable.

-Bring comfortable walking shoes.

If you plan to wear heels for your shoot, you will want shoes that are comfortable while walking around.

-Make sure Mom and Dads hands are nicely groomed and moisturized. And don’t forget to moisturize that Tummy!

Wearing a nice bracelet always looks nice, the majority of your shots will focus on your hands embracing that beautiful mommy tummy.

-Mom, don’t forget your touch up makeup and mirror.

– If you know it’s going to be a hot day, bring a towel along and water.

-Wear outfits that are flowy, shear, stretchy (on the mommy tummy) and comfortable, keep it simple not a lot of colors or designs.

Remember, you want the attention to be on you and your tummy!

-Bring props.

Maybe a dress or bowtie, shoes or something that reveals the gender, especially if you want to do a gender reveal.

-If your session is taking place near water, inform the photographer what you are/not comfortable doing when it comes to you being in or near the water.

-If you know the gender of your child, make sure to inform your photographer.

-Your photographer will need to know ahead of time what style you are going for…Soft and intimate? Contemporary? Or Classic?

And always make sure Mom and Dad are on the same page, this helps set the mood for the shoot.

I hope this helps your Maternity shoot become a success!

Please feel free to leave a comment and/or some ideas that may have helped you prepare for your shoot!


A look back at 2014


2014 was an Amazing year! Having the opportunity to meet such wonderful people that have really touched my heart.

From Birth Announcements, family gatherings, Weddings to stylist showing off their creative skills…2014 was Great!

I thank each of them for being apart of my journey and allowing me to be apart of their families memories.  I’m not able to post all of them, but here’s a look back at 2014!new16new1 new2 new3 new4 new5 new6DSC_0052new DSC_0095 (2)new parksnewblog new7 new8 new9 new10new11new15new14new13new12

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