Calling 2020 graduates!

Yes! For the first time Ever, I’m looking for Senior Model Reps!  Being a Rep allows you the opportunity to cut the cost on some of your Senior year expenses.  A time to express yourself in front of my lens and to come up with a Amazing Theme for your shoot.

There’s not much to becoming a Rep, Just a couple of steps that are required in order to cash in on those perks!

If you’re a Rising Senior or know someone…male or female who will be a 2020 Senior, please request additional information or forward this information to them!

It truly is worth it!

Class of 2019
Class of 2019
Class of 2019




Prom 2018: Nykira & Roderick

Several months ago one of my clients  posted on social media that she would be sponsoring a young person for prom this year.  That post stayed with me for several weeks, it was just a really great thing to do for someone.  I reached out to let her know I was interested in helping out.  Lets face it… Senior year is one of thee most expensive moments for parents and unfortunately there are just some things that may not be in the budget for parents.

I really want to thank Mrs. Tararra for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful moment. Nykira is such a beautiful person with an amazing story. Her Date Roderick, was such the gentleman, from caring the train of her dress to helping her in the car.  I’m sure they had a wonderful time at their Prom. Which was held at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot in downtown Atlanta.

Please take sometime to View Nykira and Roderick’s Prom, You’ll love it!



Special Thanks to the wonderful people who helped with this very special moment:

Dress By Fatima Lewis- @Fatima22209 (Instagram for inquires)
Makeup by Kay Kay – @gameface_kayka (Instagram for inquires)
Hair by Ce Ce Michelle @cecemichelle (Instagram for inquires)


Before and After’s

So I’ve been wanting to do some before and after’s for a while.  Mainly because I never show them, but I really wanted to let you all see the process.  So when I was asked to test out the sleeklens Photoshop actions ,  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Now, I’ve always been hesitant of using some of the Photoshop portrait actions that are out there, mainly because when I see the examples…they are usually not of African American’s.

If I use actions, it’s because it takes a lot of time off of my post processing and I can have a better turnaround for my clients.  I’m not looking to spend  45mins on one image because I have to make adjustments to a Photoshop action.

But with all that being said, I picked five portraits and used the sleeklens Photoshop actions.  With these actions, it was pretty easy to use.  I like the Portrait Retouch and the Dodge and Burn(from a candy store)…A lot, These two actions made enhancing the eye color process very easy and fast and also softening the skin worked great also.  I also liked using the Color Corrections, you can reduce some of the over barring colors that are in the images which the greens and reds work perfect!

Over all, I would recommend using Sleeklens, it does take some time figuring out what works best for your workflow and your style, but that’s with any post processing method you choose.

With this portrait I chose to use the portrait fast retouch for the eyes, I also used the base from golden hours.


The next four were a combination of Portrait smooth skin, Color correction and Base.






Maternity Session: Baby Girl on the way!

Karee and Devon are expecting their fourth daughter in April!! But this means Dad is still the only male in the house! #girlpower

Karee located me by way of #Instagram and had been following me for a while, this would be their first maternity shoot and first non studio setting! So I am truly grateful I was able to give them this first time experience and to share with you all this Amazing Maternity shoot!

Thank you Karee and Devon for allowing me to capture this new chapter in your family’s life…The countdown begins!



Asthma Sucks!

Growing up I always knew my oldest sister and my Aunt had asthma. Later I learned my Grandmother had it really bad when she was younger. My mother was diagnosed as she got older.
So this is definitely something that will always be apart of our family medical records.

Fast forwarding many years later,  both of my daughters have asthma…along with Olivia being allergic to cashews and having eczema.

Laila & Olivia


Our oldest daughter Laila was diagnosed with Asthma around the age of 5, after many trips to the ER and her pediatrician due to congestion and a whole lot of night coughing.  After a scar with an allergic reaction to cashews at the beginning of the year, the doctor informed us that Olivia has Asthma also.

This past Thursday morning at 4am I found myself in the Emergency room with our little Liv.


This was our first experience with a asthma attack. I tried giving her the inhaler before I made the drive to the ER, but that didn’t seem to help.

We made it to the ER and they immediately took her in and started with the treatments.  They started with a 5min albuterol nebulizer treatment, after that they gave her Motrin (for the fever) and a steroid(to relieve the swelling). Her Oxygen level stayed between 82-83 for several hours (oxygen levels should be over 90) they informed us if her levels didn’t increase they would put her on oxygen.

Olivia’s levels started to increase but they still needed her breathing to get better,

so this time they put her on the continuous nebulizer(she would be on it for at least 45mins).


Things were starting to look better and she was finally able to go home after being there for about 6hours.
We’re still not sure what triggered the attack but will hopefully get some ideas once she visits her asthma doctor.

This was definitely a scary moment for us, and we’re grateful everything worked out for our Liv.

I wanted to post this because it really affected our family in a major way. I also wanted parents who’ve never experienced it to know what to look for and what to expect.

Things to look for if you think your child is having a Asthma Attack:

·Rapid or irregular breathing (check your child’s throat and stomach. These two areas will play a big part of you getting to the ER)
·Restless sleep
·Tightness in the chest
·Dry or wet cough (Olivia had a wet cough which made them think it could have been pneumonia…most asthma coughs are dry)

I really hope this helps someone. Feel free to leave comments and if you’ve experienced it with your child I would love to hear your story.