Closet clean out Part 2

So I finally finished gathering, hanging and tagging the girls clothes and shoes for the Kidsignments sale!

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jeri the wonderful lady who runs this event when I dropped off my items on Friday.  She is so sweet, she allowed me to take several pictures while I was there.  I wanted to give you all an idea of how big this event is, I choose to drop of on Friday which was the first day so what I captured isn’t even close to what the warehouse will look like come Tuesday the 16th when the doors are opened to the public.

The Event will be held on 2/16-2/20 from 9am -7pm, on the 18th and 19th items are 25% off (tags that are not marked NR only), then on the 20th it’s 50% off items(tags that are not marked NR only).

Keep in mind that  on Tuesday the 16th they ask that No children, infants, carriers, or strollers until after 2pm.  If you would like more information visit

Have a look at the images…but just know that there’s over 1,500 families that sale at this event, and I only captured day one of drop off.



Closet clean out!

Staying on top of my girls closet clean out can be a little of a job for me, that is until I found #kidsignment.  Twice a year kidsignment is open for people who want to sale slightly kid used clothes toys, furniture, maternity and many other kid things.

I usually give a lot of their things away, but sometimes I go this route.  This is my 3rd time participating, and I love it.  Having two girls who have a tendency to get a lot, all the time, makes it seem like I have to clean out All the time. What I have realized about myself when it comes to my children’s things, is I’m more attached to their things then they are lol.

If you’re looking to clean out your child/children’s closet, this is defiantly the place to start. You’ll clean out the closet and even put a couple of dollars in your pocket.  Not only can you sale you can also get a jump start on being a buyer.