My DIY project is finally complete!

I’ve been saying for a while now that I wanted to re-upholster Laila’s old chair for Olivia, and finally I’ve completed it.  Laila was around 2 when we purchased it, so it defiantly time for a new face for this chair.

My latest diy
My latest DIY

I had recently re-upholstered my dinning room chairs and thought doing this chair would be a breeze…NOT

My dinning room chairs
My dinning room chairs

This little chair had so many nails in it, I wanted to scream. It took me three days to finish this chair.  I found myself texting my cousins venting(using every cuss word in the book) about the chair, it really got the best of me. What I also realized was how cheap this chair was, it had not much padding to it nor quality wood. For the money we spend on these chairs you would expect it to be better made.

before after2

Before After3

I’m sure I’ll tackle another re-upholster around the house, it just won’t be any time soon. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Atlanta Engagement: Ajay & Cedreon

Ajay and Cedreon were friends in High School, but didn’t become a couple until they were in college. They been dating for 3yrs when Ajay decided to ask for Cedreon’s hand in marriage.  Ajay and Cedreon became engaged on May 9, 2015. I felt Winn Park in Midtown Atlanta was a beautiful place for their Engagement session. It’s located about 10 minutes from Piedmont Park, with some of thee most beautiful homes surrounding it.

I ‘m excited for Ajay and Cedreons wedding day which will take place at the beautiful Historic Old Fourth Ward Park. They are a match made In heaven! Love truly Wins!


Love Wins

Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins
Love Wins

Please take a moment and watch the Proposal! Ajay is just wonderful…just listen to the wonderful words that he is speaking. I have shedding several tears putting this up . Cedreons expression while he’s speaking is so cute, she had no clue!!!


Adrian and Andrew’s Easter Portraits

What a beautiful day it turned out to be.  I haven’t been able to shoot for a while due to the bad weather we’ve had.

Miss. Adrian and the handsome Andrew, were definitely a joy to capture today, Andrew was full of energy and loved watching the many dogs that were at the park.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I did capturing them.

ad10new ad1new ad4new ad3new ad2new ad6new ad9new ad8new ad7new

When I’m not shooting People.

What do you do to relax or Let your mind run free?

Well, my hobby is sewing.  For me, it’s relaxing fun and rewarding.  The rewarding part, is knowing what I make is going to fit just how I want it to…and at a very reasonable price.  I haven’t been sewing long and I still have  a lot to learn, but thank God for my mother-in-law, she’s my go to person when I have questions! And there are times I have a lot of questions…I hadn’t used a sewing machine since I was in Junior High School, but the basics came back with no problem.

I find a lot of inspiring projects on Pinterest, some are easy and some are challenging. But my all time favorite person to follow  is Mimi G Style, she has the best styles and tutorials! I’ve sewn several of her patterns and tutorials. Check out my Pinterest board on things I’ve sewn or to see some of the things I need to sew! I know you’ll love all the boards.

What is it you Love to do…scrapbooking, sewing, designing etc?

At some point I’ll start to add my hobby in with my Passion of shooting people!

So far this is one of my favorite projects, This jumpsuit is so comfortable! This image was taken with my phone, so i’ll have to get more professional ones soon!



Jaden Harmon’s Headshots

Headshots of Actor Jaden Harmon. He’s worked on several projects, Law and Order svu, One Tree hill, and The Game…just to name a few.

I hope you Enjoy!DSC_3496 DSC_3502 DSC_3529new_pp DSC_3532new_pp