Wedding Monday: Bridal Bouquets

Happy Wedding Monday Everyone! Brides! Brides! Brides! What’s your favorite Flower? What flower will be displayed at your wedding?

This September will be 19yrs of Marriage for my Husband and I, so I’ve decided to share some portraits from my wedding, along with some of my favorite client’s Bouquet arrangements.

This was my wedding bouquet from 2000, No my bouquet was not Real, But it was designed by my Aunt after she saw a similar one in a wedding magazine.   I absolutely love Calla Lilies…and Roses. The best part of my bouquet being artificial is I can still have it displayed in my home!


Being a Wedding Photographer I have captured some Beautiful Images of real  wedding bouquets by some very talented Floral Designers.

The interesting thing about when I got married, I never even thought about having real flowers.  Do Brides even do artificial  Floral Bouquets?

So here are some of my Favorite Bouquets from my Beautiful Brides on their Wedding Day!

The Mattox Wedding



The Williams Wedding

Florist: Instagram/ Yourfriendelysse


The Ashley Wedding

Florist- Peachtree Petals


I Hope you all have enjoyed some of my favorite Floral Arrangements from my Amazing clients. If your looking for a Wedding Photographer, Please contact me I’m always excited to capture your Amazing Wedding Day!

Kidd & McClendon: Engagement Shoot

I had the pleasure of  working with this wonderful couple for their engagement shoot Ms. Latisa and Mr. Mallory! The wonderful couple will be exchanging their vows this April, at the Buford Community Center and I can’t wait to capture the beautiful moment!



The weather was beautiful and this location was perfect for them. They both were truly in the moment and Latisa blessed us with her wonderful contagious laugh! They danced, kissed and laughed and it was beautiful!


What I loved most is the happiness that was shown between the two of them for each other, Mallory looked at her with such pride and Love, with Latisa looking back with such confidence in knowing this was her prince charming… it was just beautiful.

I hope you all feel and see the love that took place on this shoot and the love they have for each other.   I’m so excited for them…I pray they continue to Love, Dance, and laugh for many years to come!






Being Grateful!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news and give you all the opportunity to learn more about me and why I became a Photographer.

I was recently given the opportunity to share my story with as one of ATL’s most inspiring stories .  I am truly grateful that I can share this with you all. Some of you might even see a familiar face or two.

Please take some time to read the article at if you have problems with the link you can also find it at Inspiring Stories section at the top of the homepage as part of the Norcross collection.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share but most importantly, being apart of my journey…


Gwinnett Wedding Professionals

I had the opportunity to be one of the featured vendors at the Gwinnett Wedding Professionals Network event yesterday at St. Marlo Country Club in Duluth, GA.  It was absolutely wonderful to be in the presence of wonderful professionals, who understand the business and the power of networking!

St. Marlo Country Club is an absolutely beautiful venue with so many amazing spots to capture your Beautiful wedding day. Defiantly should be on a couples venue list!

Some of the featured vendors were myself Tracy Gober Photography, Lez-Go Travel for those couples who want a worry free destination wedding, Premiere jewelry Designs for those ladies looking for that jaw dropping wedding day Jewelry, Wedding DJ Dj Twice Entertainment and Georgia Griffin with AWS Floral Design.

Thanks to the wonderful Brittany with Eternity Events by B. Simms , Georgia with AWS Floral Design  and Amy with St. Marlo Country Club for making this wonderful event happen.

A couple of shots from the event

Gwinnett WP-2


Chamblee City Hall: Brian & Sophia

It was truly a hot summers day in Georgia, but love was in the air! Sophia was happy and Brian was excited and Nervous…He said “I just want her to have the perfect day.” Though this as their day, his main concern was her being happy.

And it was just that…Perfect!

The ceremony was beautiful, from the minister having them pray for one another to having them both ask for forgiveness for anything they may have done or said in the past.  Giving Brian and Sophia a fresh start on the new chapter in their life as husband and wife!

Sophia & Brian, I thank you both for allowing me this opportunity of capturing your special Wedding Day!  I pray your Union is forever blessed and that you both continue to believe, pray and forgive one another.






2016 Wedding Look Book!

I’m so excited to be able to introduce my first Wedding Look Book for 2016. I had some amazing couples last year and I’ve been blessed enough to gain several new couples so far this year.

In the Wedding look book you’ll see some of the weddings from 2015, Q&A, along with engagements for couples that will become husband and wife in 2016!

Feel free to take a look inside!


Have a wonderful Week!



The love I have for 2015

There have been moments that I’ve found myself smiling, laughing and even shedding a couple of tears this year… not from sadness, but because I’ve been able to witness Love in so many ways from my clients.

We all express love in different ways, it may be a look, a touch, or even our words but how ever we choose to show it…it’s Love.  Accept it, appreciate it and embrace it.

My love for 2015, is because of the many loving beautiful people who let me into their lives to see how they love. Thank you all for being in the moment, for being comfortable enough that you could display your love in the presence of me and baby Jean(my camera). Your smiles and love will forever be apart of my heart.

Please, click and enjoy some of the love I’ve had the pleasure of capturing in 2015!









Tiffany and Tray are getting married!

The love between two people being in the moment, shows with Tiffany and Tray! During this time of the year in Atlanta you really can’t be sure what the weather will be like.

The morning started being just a tad bit chilly, but soon warmed up once we got to moving around and embracing the moment.  Well honestly, Tiffany probably warmed up sooner the I…she had the warm arms of Tray to keep her warm.  Don’t you just love Love!

I’m so excited they’ve chosen me to be apart of their special day in April.

Word is out, Barry & Topaz are getting Married!!

It was such a beautiful Fall day at the Historic Fourth Ward in Atlanta. Though I’ve shot at this location before, I feel because it’s such a very big park that no matter how many times you go, there’s always room to make each couple feel as if this place was made just for them.

Barry & Topaz are my Pray, Love, Laugh, Work couple.  What I loved most about this shoot, was they allowed me to see the love they have for each other, the way Topaz would laugh with her head close to Barry’s Chest, her body language when she was talking to him.  Barry looked at Topaz with such pride, his eyes would light up and his smile would be so big…what a blessing it is to be loved, to feel love and accept love. They are just Beautiful

I hope you all will enjoy this beautiful Engagement collection as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

The comfort of Love


Barry & Topaz show their playful side!





DSC_0689new DSC_0787new DSC_0979new

Allow me to Frame the  Masterpiece that God has  Created just for Me.
Allow me to Frame the
Masterpiece that God has
Created just for Me.

Coming soon 10.01.16 Mr. & Mrs. Lilly!

Berkeley Hills Country Club: Mr. Kwesi & Mrs. Orion Cudjoe-Chow

Arriving at Berkeley Hills Country Club I could feel that fall was just around the corner, and Love was in the air.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was just right for a outdoor wedding.  it’s amazing what little time is needed in order to stop, breath and relax. I can see why the Kwesi and Orion chose this Beautiful Country Club.

Kwesi walked into the ballroom being escorted by his father, not knowing what his beautiful bride looked like from under the mask he was wearing. Orion smiled and laughed, and when they were finally close to each other Kwesi asked…can I touch her?

The first Touch!
The first Touch!
The First Touch
The First Touch

They touched each other and it was like they didn’t want to let each other go. The both of them complimented each other on how good they smelled. These moments always seem to be my favorite…because I see and feel when they’ve started to embrace the moment they’ve been waiting for.

I love that Orion and Kwesi decided to celebrate their #10yearweddinganniversery by showing their continued love for each other with family and friends.

Mrs. Cudjoe-Chow
Mrs. Cudjoe-Chow
Mr. Cudjoe-Chow
Mr. Cudjoe-Chow
A Mother and Daughter Moment
A Mother and Daughter Moment
Mr. Cudjoe-Chow
Mr. Cudjoe-Chow
A Fathers Love
A Fathers Love
A blush from the bride and a kiss to seal the #love
A blush from the bride and a kiss to seal the #love
Mr. & Mrs
Mr. & Mrs
I pray she looks back at this moment as a young adult…and laugh
There's always time for a #selfie
There’s always time for a #selfie
The Groomsmen #boltitout
The Groomsmen #boltitout
Mr. & Mrs
Mr. & Mrs
Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs. Cudjoe-Chow
Mr. & Mrs. Cudjoe-Chow
Mr. & Mrs. Cudjoe-Chow
The love for track
The love for #track
The love for #track
The love for #track


Thank you Kwesi and Orion for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful day in your lives.  Your love for each other was a joy to capture and is truly appreciated.  May you always pray together, laugh together and run together!

Special thanks to:

The Bride and Grooms fantastic friends and family, you all are a group of wonderful people who embraced me from the moment of meeting. I love your love and support for Kwesi and Orion!

Berkeley Hills Country Club staff and the wonderful Events and Wedding Coordinator Ms. Angela Howard.